3-Judge Panel Appointed By Obama Deals DOJ A Major Blow


A United States court of appeal just ruled that Donald Trump’s DOJ cannot have access to evidence from Robert Mueller’s investigation. The last minute move put an emergency stop to the department getting their hands on the materials Mueller used to come to his conclusion.

This is a major blow for the Trump Administration, who have been trying anything to stop the president from being held accountable for his crimes, including using legal loopholes to get their way.

Not this time, thanks to a panel of three judges, all appointed by President Obama.

The Justice Department had previously been awarded the right to rummage through Mueller’s findings, but that decision was blocked in the court of appeals on Tuesday.

Michael Bromwhich is a former Inspector General, and he says the House has a good chance at gaining the upper-hand in the situation:

The reviews in the comment thread of the tweet had mixed reviews, but one thing is certain, this is the last thing Trump wants to deal with. The man will be bankrupted again by court fees from this presidency.

Check out what people were saying in the comments of the tweet below: