BREAKING: Mass Shooting At Halloween Party Hits 12 Victims


In America, hearing about a mass shooting is something that happens pretty regularly, but it’s still something that will shock the hell out of you every time. We never know when or where the next one will hit, but a holiday party is near the top of the list of places you don’t want a mass shooting to happen.

Not saying we ever want mass shootings to happen, but there are certain places, where children might be, that no one wants to see on their news screen.

That’s exactly what happened Tuesday night at a Halloween party in a house in Long Beach, California. Three people have now been confirmed dead, and nine others are being treated for wounds.

According to KTLA:

Multiple suspects were at large following the shooting that occurred around 10:45 p.m. in the 2700 block of East Seventh Street, said Jake Heflin, a public information officer for the Long Beach Fire Department.

Authorities said five of the injured required immediate medical attention, but didn’t provide information on their conditions or the nature of their injuries.

Long Beach Fire tweeted the following:

KTLA continued:

It was unclear whether more than one person had opened fire, or whether the suspects knew the victims.

Heflin said first responders were “confronted with a scene that was very chaotic” and the situation was being handled as a “mass-casualty incident.”

The shots rang out during a Halloween party in the backyard of a single-family home that sits behind a business on the street, according to Heflin. Investigators are still working to determine what led up to the shooting.

The report states that victims were found both inside the home, as well as outside, and arial footage shows the utter chaos at the scene as police scrambled to piece the puzzle together.

The video below shows that scene:

Check out this report from the ground:

The report continues:

The slain victims were all men believed to be in their mid-20s, and all three died at the scene, Heflin said.

The remaining patients, taken to area hospitals by ambulance, also appeared to be in their 20s, according to Heflin.

All the victims were struck by gunfire, De Prez said, after earlier stating not all of the injured suffered gunshot wounds.