Trump Spirals Into Impeachment Panic Wednesday Afternoon


The president is worried, and by all means, he should be. Donald Trump is facing an enormous list of crimes, most of which were committed as he sat in the Oval Office seat. Now that the tables have turned against him and the impeachment inquiry is ramping up, The Donald is slowly realizing that this is one pickle that his bank account can’t get him out of. Unfortunately for the Republican Party, they are blindly following suit.

Check out what Trump just tweeted:

The reason that Trump is raging to hard over the impeachment inquiry is the endless amount of witnesses who have already testified that the president of the United States tried to extort Ukraine into fabricating dirt on Joe Biden and the 2016 election.

As we reported earlier:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has done everything in her power to let Donald Trump know that Democrats will not sit idly by while he does any and everything he wants, regardless of the law. Trump, however, isn’t used to a woman telling him what to do, so he has ignored all the warnings sent to him over the past three years.

Finally Democrats were left with no other choice but to start impeachment proceedings after the Ukraine scandal blew the lid off of Trump’s attempt to extort Ukraine leadership by requesting the foreign entity do us a “favor” before Trump would release federal aid to them.

Pelosi wasn’t taken seriously then, but maybe now she will because she just released the procedures that are happening to get Donald Trump out of the White House.

Pelosi’s team just released the following 8-page list of procedures:

People responding to Trump’s tweet told the president exactly how stupid he sounds with every tweet he posts. Check out the best responses to this tweet below: