‘Fuck Trump’ Shown On Worldwide TV Moments After World Series Victory


President Donald Trump’s public shaming connected to this year’s World Series did not end when he left the stadium where he was roundly booed this past weekend. This Wednesday night, following the Washington Nationals’ victory, a fan explicitly denounced Trump during a live broadcast on a D.C.-area Fox affiliate. The host quickly moved away from the fan after the man cursed Trump out — but not before the deed was done and the world got another glimpse of what Americans really think of Trump.

Reporter Sue Palka had asked the clearly celebrating Nationals fan for his thoughts on the team’s World Series victory, and the fan replied:

‘I think this is huge for D.C. D.C. needed this. We got some asshole in the fucking White House.’

At that point, Palka turned away, saying:

‘Oh, no, no. No, no, no. We’re all happy for the Nats and everybody has had a lot to drink down here at Mission bar. But you know what, a lot of people showing up late for work tomorrow.’

Check it out:

The aggravation with Trump that the so far seemingly unidentified man expressed in his moment in the spotlight is not simply attributable to alcohol consumption. Trump has consistently failed to get even a simple majority of Americans to support his job performance in the majority of polls measuring that support. About one in two Americans go on record as supporting not just the impeachment inquiry but taking that process to the point of removing Trump in office. One in two Americans! That’s not some fringe group of conspiring deep state Democrats.

The collective frustration with Trump showed itself in recent days when Trump showed up at a D.C. game of the World Series and was promptly very loudly booed after the announcers crew let the crowd know he was there. The crowd even burst into a chant riffing on one of Trump’s personal favorites, shouting:

‘Lock him up! Lock him up!’

Some political elites — even those on the left — complained about the chants, suggesting they were disrespectful to the “office” of the president. But as writer Rebecca Traister put it, expressing the opinion of quite a lot of people (the tweet has been liked almost 118 thousand times):

‘I’m of the opinion that masses of people booing the president on one of the stupidly few occasions he’s ever been forced to interact with them is in fact an extremely valuable moment for our global standing & anyone who cares about America’s reputation should thank that crowd.’

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Trump has already had a notoriously difficult time with managing even the basic, ceremonial support traditionally given to the president of the United States in sports contexts. He’s fumbled White House visits from championship-winning teams numerous times at this point — once, he disinvited the Philadelphia Eagles in an apparent rage over protests against police brutality that none of the players had even participated in, and on another occasion, he turned a visit from college football champs into a debacle of serving a large number of fast food meals at the White House, the exact number of which he lied about.

Who lies about burgers?