Friday Trump Approval Polls Released Show A Bipartisan Anti-Trump Wave


On Thursday, The House voted in favor of endorsing the impeachment inquiry against Trump 232-196, largely along party lines. Recent polls have shown more Americans in favor of impeachment and also removal of the president from office.

On Friday, a new ABC/Washington Post poll showed that the country is divided on sharply along partisan lines in regards to whether Trump should be impeached and removed from office. Friday Trump Approval Polls Released Show A Bipartisan Anti-Trump Wave Corruption Crime Donald Trump Impeachment Investigation Polls Top Stories Videos
via The Washington Post

According to The Washington Post:

‘The poll finds that 49 percent of Americans say the president should be impeached and removed from office, while 47 percent say he should not. That finding is almost identical to support for impeachment in a poll by The Post and the Schar School taken earlier in October.’

Among Democrats 82 percent support removing Trump from office while 13 percent oppose it. Among Republicans, it is the stark opposite with 82 percent opposed to removing Trump from office and 18 percent favoring it. Among independents there is more division, with 47 percent favoring removal and 49 percent opposing it.

The Washington Post reported:

‘On Thursday, the House approved a resolution setting out the terms for the next phase of the inquiry, which to this point has included weeks of closed-door testimony. The resolution laid out plans for televised hearings with witnesses and rules and procedures for the examination of those witnesses.’

In a July survey conducted by ABC and The Post, 37 percent of Americans did say that Congress should open an impeachment inquiry that could lead to Trump’s removal. Fifty-nine percent were opposed.

However, though, current polls show more support for Trump’s impeachment than those conducted in the fall of 1998 concerning former President Bill Clinton’s impeachment.

According to The Post:

‘Throughout the fall of 1998, support for impeachment never rose above 41 percent in Post-ABC surveys and stood at 33 percent in December that year, shortly before the House voted to impeach Clinton.’

The July impeachment poll was taken after the release of the report by former Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller into Russian interference in the 2016 election, and whether or not Mr. Trump sought to obstruct justice. The Post reported:

‘That probe found multiple contacts between Trump campaign associates and Russians, but no criminal conspiracy.’

The July report, however, did come before the investigation into Trump’s interactions with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky. It was reported that Trump made efforts to press the Ukrainian president to open investigations into the 2016 election and into former vice president Joe Biden and his son, Hunter.

While former Vice President Joe Biden was office, Hunter served as a paid adviser on the board of a Ukrainian energy company.

The Washington Post reported:

‘Several witnesses who have testified before the House Intelligence Committee have described a quid pro quo asked by Trump, with military aid to Ukraine and a White House visit by the newly elected Zelensky withheld over the summer as the president pressed Ukrainian leaders for an affirmative statement about the opening of the investigations he was seeking involving his potential rival.’

Regardless of how Americans felt about impeachment, the latest survey found that 55 percent of Americans thought Trump did something wrong in his dealings with Ukraine including 47 percent who believe he did something seriously wrong.

According to The Post:

‘Fewer, 35 percent, say he did nothing wrong, with the remaining 10 percent offering no opinion. Overall, about 1 in 10 say he did something wrong but oppose impeachment.’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said that to be successful impeachment should be a bipartisan effort but partisan perceptions have influenced all aspects of the proceedings so far and are likely to do so in the investigation’s future.

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