Trump Has Impeachment Conniption During Friday Night Rally


Yesterday, in a historic moment that will hopefully be the first step to ridding us of the Nightmare-in-Chief, the House voted to move forward with formal impeachment proceedings. As you might imagine, Trump has gone off the rails in his defense and has basically shown the entire world why this impeachment is much needed.

Check out what he had to say tonight in Tupelo at another one of his hate rallies:

Trump had some choice words about this House vote:

‘Yesterday the Democrats voted to potentially nullify the votes of 63 million Americans disgracing themselves and bringing shame upon the House of Representatives,They’ve been plotting to overthrow the election since the moment I won, but the people here that are highly sophisticated know long before I won.’

Of course, he also railed on the Democrats, calling them “radical” and said that the vote was “an attack on democracy itself.”

The audacity of his statements was not lost on America, though. The only people buying his particular line of BS anymore are those red-hatters at his hate rally, and they are definitely not the majority.

Check out what Americans are saying about Trump’s rally tonight:

We agree with every single one of them, especially Michael Cohen.

Featured image via screenshot.