Trump Tweets Friday Evening Whistle Blower Impeachment Freakout


It isn’t surprising that since the House’s vote on Thursday to formalize the impeachment inquiry, Mr. Trump has been whining and coming up with more lies than ever.

On Friday, he flew on Twitter throwing another tantrum, saying “the Dems are a mess under the corrupt leadership of Nervous Nancy Pelosi and Shifty Adam Schiff!” He also continued the blatant lie that he “hasn’t done anything wrong!” 

Trump ranted:

Here’s what the Twitter world had to say:

As Trump’s presidency is starting to cave in, he has become even more desperate. So it is not  a surprise that his blatant lies and attempts to manipulate the American people have become more frequent.

His assertion that he “hasn’t done anything wrong” has to be one of his largest lies ever, and his latest attempts to garner sympathy are pathetic.

According to NBC News:

‘The contours of Thursday’s debate, and the vote totals on each side, set a baseline from which the two parties will battle over the coming weeks as the Democrats hurtle almost inevitably toward bringing articles of impeachment against Trump. They now know they still have work to do to force Republicans to cross the partisan aisle, by applying public pressure — a prerequisite to eventually sway senators — and Republicans now know that most politically vulnerable Democrats are unafraid of the consequences of pursuing impeachment.’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has said that Democrats are called upon to “protect and defend the Constitution so that “no president, no matter whoever he or she may be in the future, could decide that Article II says they can do whatever they want.”

Featured image is a screenshot from YouTube