GOP Endangers Ukraine Whistleblower With Illegal Leak


The Republican Party will do anything to compromise the integrity of the impeachment inquiry taking place in D.C. at the moment. They have done nothing but try to diminish the investigation into the president’s illegal Ukraine activities, but this time they have taken it too far. The Republican Party has outed the whistleblower responsible for bringing our attention to Ukraine.

According to Salon:

The unconfirmed report named a 33-year-old CIA analyst as the purported whistleblower, although mainstream media outlets have declined to disclose the name after his attorneys warned that they have received death threats targeting their client. Republican lawmakers have reportedly repeatedly attempted to get the whistleblower’s name on record at impeachment hearings in hopes that it will be released publicly.

Republicans on Twitter claim that a man named Eric Ciaramella is responsible for ratting out the president and likely saving the country from further chaos and turmoil. Check out what they are saying online, and boy is it far-fetched:

Republican conspiracy theory site Townhall reports that:

The report claims that federal records show Ciaramella attended a state luncheon with Joe Biden’s office back in October 2016. You’ll never guess who else was there? Former FBI Director James Comey and former National Intelligence Director James Clapper. You can’t make this stuff up. The report says it was strange for Ciaramella, a relatively low-level GS-13 federal employee, to have been there. And it describes Ciaramella’s invitation as “unusual,” saying it “signaled he was politically connected inside the Obama White House.”

Oh, geez.

But check out some more crazy tweets from Republicans, even one from a played-out game show host like Chuck Woolery: