Image Of Trump’s Face Getting Booed At UFC Fight Goes Wildly Viral


For some reason, Donald Trump thought that after he transferred his residence from New York to Florida, New Yorkers would welcome him with open arms. His advisers told him to sit in a box, but as usual he did not listen. Instead, he sat in the open seats with “his” people.’

Trump’s rally members energize him with their rabid cheering:

At first, it appeared that the president would be greeted with sweets and flowers, the petals thrown before him as he walked down the Madison Square Guardian Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) aisle with his sons. There were a few cheers.

Then, the audience boos sounded echoing loudly and lengthy:

‘This is the 2nd major sports event he’s been booed at in the past week.’

When Trump attended the fifth World Series baseball game in Washington, D.C. last week, the audience booed him there and chanted “Lock him up!” During the seventh game, POTUS tried to get even with an ad on National Park’s jumbotron. Little did he expect to get the boos again, but get them he did.

Trump has been facing an impeachment inquiry, and the stress has begun to show in his face. POTUS face told the story. He looked 1,000 years old.

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This after a week where all the president’s men took down the leader of ISIS in a Syrian compound with his family. The leader detonated a belted bomb and took three of his children with him.

Outside the ULC, protesters both for and against the president stood carrying signs. Political scientist who founded the Eurasia Group, Ian Bremmer, was surprised at the booing. Newsweek reported he said:

‘Honestly surprised to see Trump booed at Ultimate Fighting Championship. This should be his crowd.’

Twitter user Keating Thomas told CNN:

‘Trump got booed at a UFC match? That’s like if Bernie [Sanders] got booed at a vegan bakery in Brooklyn.’

Registered Republican Sunsara Taylor, who is a member of the Refuse Fascism organization, supports the president. She said her movement included:

‘[A] diverse political perspectives who agree that the Trump/Pence administration poses a threat to all of us. Our goal is to drive them out through mass non-violent protests. I’m proud to be an American, and our President loves America and I’m here also to express our First Amendment right.’

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