Trump Finishes Sunday Shows, Tweets about Getting Booed, Then Erupts


President Donald Trump is growing increasingly desperate as House Democrats continue with their impeachment inquiry. Early this Sunday, he took to Twitter to pile outlandishly grandiose praise on a special on the “witch hunt” from the radical right-wing news station One America News Network (OANN), which has gone so far off into Trumpmania that at one point before the 2016 election, they banned coverage of any polls that didn’t show Trump in the lead. It’s not like they’ve got their own particularly large fanbase to begin with — their ratings were reportedly lower than those held by the Tennis Channel as recently as this past May anyway. Still, Trump’s all in!

He quite literally suggested that federal law enforcement authorities follow the lead of the rabidly right-wing OANN, which has ran plenty of stories with utterly debunked conspiracy theories, among other issues. He tweeted:

‘Thank you to @OANN for the absolutely incredible Special Report narrated by @PearsonSharp . Seldom do the American people get to see journalistic work of this quality. Now it would be great if the legitimate sections of law enforcement would study your SMEARS, SPIES AND LIES and FEDERAL CONTRACTOR SPIES stories. The finest law enforcement on the planet could not have shown a ROADMAP like that which was produced by you.’

He added yet another tweet summarizing his own take on the issue and insisting that he did nothing wrong in asking Ukrainian authorities to investigate his domestic political opponents. He also seems to have again pulled an approval rating poll out of thin air — it’s unclear where the number came from that he cited.

He posted:

‘Many people listened to my phone call with the Ukrainian President while it was being made. I never heard any complaints. The reason is that it was totally appropriate, I say perfect. Republicans have never been more unified, and my Republican Approval Rating is now 95%!’

His characterization of the situation is brazenly false. Thanks to testimony in House Dems’ impeachment inquiry, we’ve already learned that multiple figures including officials on the National Security Council raised concerns about Trump’s Ukraine scheme with figures like that council’s top legal counsel. In other words — Trump’s got nothing.

Check out Twitter’s response…