Impeachment Committees Release Yovanovitch Testimony


For two and a half years, the country has been waiting for some results in the impeachment investigation into Donald Trump. Americans had to wait two years for Robert Mueller III to drop the hammer on the president. Unfortunately, Attorney General (AG) William Barr eclipsed the release and framed it as “No collusion.”

Then, when the final report came out, it was 450 pages of dense material more suited to an attorney or a career politician. Now though, House Intelligence Committee Chair and impeachment inquiry point person Adam Schiff (D-CA) has enabled the behind-closed-door hearings to give way to copies of the witnesses’ transcripts, according to NPR.

The first transcript of witness testimony came from top aide to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Michael McKinley’s testimony. Following closely on McKinley’s testimony’s heels, Schiff released career ambassador Marie Yovanovitch’s testimony to the public.

Yovanovitch was assigned to Ukraine, because she was a skilled government employee, and the country was in a delicate position. After years of corruption, graft, and draining Ukraine’s resources, the new President Volodymyr Zelensky took the reins. He was at war with Russia in Crimea and along their eastern joint border.


There were 317 pages of testimony for just the one witness. She was a particularly important witness, due to her knowledge of Ukraine’s inner workings, her fluency in its language and in Russian, plus her experience as an ambassador.

The layer of people working directly beneath the political appointees is what has kept the government still operating, in spite of Trump’s poor choices. These people like Vovanovitch have been leaving their federal jobs in droves, because the Trump employees have been so lacking in honest leadership.

First, the committees released Michael Pompeo’s top aide Michael McKinley’s testimony. Next out of the gate, the committee has released career government Ambassador Yovanovitich’s testimony. She also worked for Pompeo and clearly feared for her safety.

The ambassador was relieved of her Ukraine ambassadorship when she refused to fawn over Donald Trump. Instead, she stayed true to her patriotic duty and spoke truth to power. In a total lack of respect, she was told to take the next plane out of Ukraine.

To read Yovanovitch’s full testimony, consisting of 37 pages, click on this link. To read the full transcript of  Michael McKinley’s testimony, click on this link.

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