Trump Continues Monday Morning Mental Breakdown On Twitter


Donald Trump has been flying around the country trying to give Republics in Congress a boost in the upcoming elections. He tells the audience of his followers how well their officials have represented them. Of course, none of his words rings true.

POTUS flew to Kentucky to support the governor Matt Bevin. He claimed the governor “loves our Military, our Vets, and our 2A.” This from a man who dodged the draft five times:

Big Rally in Kentucky TONIGHT for a man who has worked really hard & done a GREAT job, Gov @MattBevin. Kentucky is having the best economic year ever under Matt’s leadership. He is a fantastic guy who loves our Military, our Vets and our 2A. Vote Tuesday!’

Then, POTUS urged people to read not “the transcript!” but that was actually a summary of his phone call shaking down the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky. Trump has been on the path toward impeachment for his activities relating to Ukraine. He tried to get the Ukrainians to cough up some dirt on the president’s top contender former vice president Joe Biden — no matter how they got it:

‘Read the Transcript!’

Finally, it was back to Trump’s troubles. How could people was to impeach him when the economy was so good. He falsely equates the Stock Market with the economy:

‘All-Time High for Stock Market and all the Fake News wants to talk about is the Impeachment Hoax!’

Twitter went nuts. Check out these favorites below:

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