Trump Gives Desperate Afternoon Ukraine Speech On WH Lawn


President Donald Trump continues to face House Democrats investigating his administration. This Monday, investigators behind the impeachment inquiry released a transcript of testimony from former Ukrainian Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, who revealed a wide array of newly uncovered details about Trump’s shakedown of Ukraine. Despite him being on record in material that the White House themselves released going on a tirade against Yovanovitch while speaking to the Ukrainian president, this Monday, Trump claimed he doesn’t “know much about her” and apparently hoped we’d all just play along with his latest brazen cover-up.

Speaking to reporters, Trump insisted:

‘I really don’t know her… I’m sure she’s a very fine woman. I just don’t know much about her.’


This stance contrasts dramatically with the one he took during a July phone conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. During that call, he insisted that Yovanovitch, who he’d already fired at that point, was “bad news” and was “going to go through some things,” whatever that’s supposed to mean. During that same call, Zelensky criticized Yovanovitch as well, claiming that she was not supportive enough of his new administration.

During her appearance as part of the impeachment inquiry, Yovanovitch explained to investigators how she slowly but surely learned of a campaign involving personal Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani to get her fired. Two of his now federally criminally charged associates were also involved. With no basis in reality whatsoever, Giuliani claimed that Yovanovitch harbored some kind of political animosity towards Trump — and he listened.