Democrat Flips Virginia State House Seat In Massive Upset


On Tuesday, voters showed up ready to make change and helped Democrats win several key elections across the country. In an important governor’s race, Democrat Andy Bashear was the apparent winner, beating out incumbent Governor Matt Bevin (R) in the state of Kentucky. This was a major victory considering Trump won the state by 30 percent.

In another big win, a Democrat was able to flip the Virginia state House after she lost a state house race in 2017. After a tie, a winner was determined in a random drawing. On Tuesday, Shelly Simonds (D) flipped House District 94 Del. David Yancey (R) 58 to 40 percent. This gives Democrats complete control of the Virginia legislature.

Simonds was one of several Virginia candidates that was endorsed by former President Barack Obama before the election. In 2017, Obama only endorsed one candidate – Governor Ralph Northam (D).

Simonds also received an endorsement from the anti-gun violence group Moms Demand Action.

According to MSN News:

‘The early results are nothing short of a major win for Democrats, who now control every lever of power in what was considered a swing state just a few years ago. Democrats now control all three statewide elected offices, both U.S. Senate seats, and both chambers of the General Assembly. Democrats also hold seven of Virginia’s 11 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives.’

Featured image is a screenshot via Twitter