Fox News Segment Goes Off The Rails After Guest Shouts Profanity


Republicans continue to face the challenges enacted by President Donald Trump’s endlessly belligerent behavior. This week, Fox News guest Lawrence Jones seemed to be cracking under the pressure — during a Tuesday edition of Outnumbered, he blurted out a profanity live on-air while discussing a rally that Trump held the previous night in Kentucky. Right after Jones’s profane outburst, some of the camera crew wandered right into the shot before an abrupt cut away from the angle that they were blocking. Is everything okay over there at Fox?

Jones said, discussing Trump’s rally:

‘Went there — bitch, big crowd; a lot of people that are very upset. I talked to them a lot about the impeachment stuff and how they felt about it. And look, these are people — although they support the president, everything he says they don’t agree with, but they believe that they had a vote, and they feel like Democrats are trying to undo their vote. When I look at this landscape… about Democrats trying to win a popular vote versus a state-by-state vote, and I think Donald Trump understands how to play state and bring all the support he has to support other candidates.’

As Jones indicates, Trump’s rally in Kentucky this week wasn’t just to amuse himself. He was there to support Republican candidates like Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin, whose re-election battle culminated in an actual election this Tuesday.


Does Jones really expect us to believe that people went out to a rally featuring Trump just because they had nothing else to do on a Monday night? That’s not how Trumpian politics works in 2019. The implication from Trump, Jones, and others that the president has some base of support constituting an “angry majority” is just wrong. Currently, an average of 47.2 percent of Americans support impeaching and removing Trump from office — that’s an average of almost one out of every two Americans!

On Tuesday, Trump tweeted his support for Bevin, writing:

‘Fantastic being in the Great State of Kentucky last night. Vote for Matt Bevin NOW! @MattBevin One of Best Governors in U.S. He will never let you down!’

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Although Jones unsurprisingly insisted that he thought that Republicans were heading to victory on Tuesday, some polls had the Democratic candidate for governor out far ahead of Bevin. Other states that had elections on Tuesday include Virginia and Mississippi.

Trump also weighed in on those elections. This past weekend, he wrote on Twitter:

‘I hope everyone in the Great State of Virginia will get out and VOTE on Tuesday in all of the local and state elections to send a signal to D.C. that you want lower taxes, a strong Military, Border & 2nd Amendment, great healthcare, and must take care of our Vets. VOTE REPUBLICAN’

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Trump could face a real reckoning very soon. Outside of the ongoing impeachment process, consistent rounds of polls show him significant margins behind essentially all leading Democratic presidential primary candidates, including former Vice President Joe Biden along with Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.