Mexico’s President Responds To Trump Call For War Tuesday


The president has spent Tuesday morning in a tizzy, demanding Mexico enlist the United States military to wipe Mexican drug cartels off the face of the earth. A caravan of nine Americans was ambushed by a cartel near the Arizona border, which led to the slaughter of everyone in the vehicle.

Trump, as per the usual, was full of his typical outrage when it comes to anything involving Mexico. And while, yes, it is incredibly tragic that this happened, Mexico is known for drug cartels, so it’s kind of an enter-at-your-own-risk sort of thing.

Trump said Tuesday morning that he is awaiting a call from Mexico:

Now, the new president of Mexico has responded saying that Mexico doesn’t need America to intervene because war is bad. Lopez Obrador said this to the media Tuesday morning:

“It’s not in agreement with our convictions. The worst thing is war.”

This is not the first tangle the men have had in public. In May, Trump threatened to put tariffs on Mexico if leadership did not do something to stop the flow of refugees from South America. This has led to turmoil between Lopez Obrador and the Mexican army, who feels abused after Obrador sent the Mexican National Guard in to appease Trump.

People responding to Trump’s morning tweets were sickened. Check this out: