Michelle Obama Tweets 2020 Message – Racist GOP’rs Wail


Women rose up in 2018 and captured the elections for Democrats. They saw Donald Trump rip babies from their mothers’ breasts and cage toddlers alone in torture-type situations. Women noticed POTUS’s attitude against women, especially strong women, people of color, and imagined enemies. Unfortunately, women cannot let up in their fight to save the very democracy of these United States.

Today is another important election day. In an off-year off-year vote, former first lady Michelle Obama wished everyone a “Happy #Election Day.” Then, she made tweeting more fun, asking people to “snap a picture with your #Ivoted sticker.:” Click on this link to find your state elections, Ballotpedia.

Happy #ElectionDay to folks across the country heading to the polls today. Snap a picture with your #IVoted sticker and tag @WhenWeAllVote to show me how you’re making your voice heard!’

People had a lot of fun with her request. A substantial number of dogs apparently voted not to mention the cats that got out the vote. There were sexy shots and “Vote Blue” posts, click on the first lady’s post to see the whole bunch.

Twitter world went mad. Take a look at these favorites below:

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