Trump Jr. Has Bizarre Meltdown About JFK On Fox (VIDEO)


President Donald Trump and those closest to him are not taking ongoing Democratic opposition well. This Tuesday, Donald Trump Jr. went on the old reliable Trump shill hangout Fox & Friends, where he promptly launched into a rambling rant about how supposedly awful modern Democrats really are. Let’s be clear — Democrats have been working on policy plans from lowering prescription drug prices to improving access to health care in general to strengthening the security of U.S. elections. Trump Jr. seems terrified of these things — after all, Democrats are revealing just utterly faulty the Trump plan of campaigning on very temporary stock market gains really is.

Going on a freefall through utterly bombastic complaining about the Democrats who dare oppose his father’s brazen abuse of power, Trump Jr. whined to hosts who mostly sat and listened dutifully:

‘They can’t give him a win! It’s not just a win for him. It’s a win for the American people who would benefit. The economy is roaring — hey, let’s add some more jobs! Let’s add some more business!.. The reality is, this is not your grandfather’s Democrat Party. If you look at their party platform, it is not for working class Americans. JFK would be an alt-right neo-Nazi terrorist according to them today.’

No he wouldn’t. Democrats are not running around calling people alt-right whatevers without evidence to back them up.

Check it out:

When the president of the United States gets on Twitter and demands that four progressive women of color in Congress “go back where they came from,” Democrats are calling out this behavior as racist. When the Trump camp produces actual terrorists ranging from those who perpetrated violence in Charlottesville to the Trump supporter who mailed bombs to an array of prominent Democrats, they’re sounding the alarm.

Trump Jr. sees nothing at all to be concerned about on the Republican side.

He continued:

‘Now, for the first time in 50 years, Republicans are actually fighting back. They’re not just taking the loss because the mainstream media does the pile on.They’re not just taking the loss because Hollywood and pop culture says you’re terrible people for clinging to your guns, your bible, your religion and all of those things. We’ve said hey, we have a fighter in the White House, we’re actually pushing back for the first time ever and making gains, which is incredible.’

Those “gains” don’t exist just because Trump Jr. says they do. To be clear — economic growth is middling at best, and low unemployment rates clearly, undeniably began their downward trend under the leadership of President Barack Obama. Even still, that number can hide plenty of people who are underemployed compared to their skillset or in some otherwise dismal employment situation.

Yet, the Trump camp keeps marching full speed ahead off into the fantasy of the president’s supposed greatness anyway.

Despite their completely, demonstrably false assertion that Democrats are “do nothing,” the Trump camp may have a significant wakeup call coming soon. The majority of polls have all leading Democratic presidential candidates ahead of Trump by significant margins.