Bevin Campaign Humiliated After Boos & Chants Erupt After Election


On Tuesday night, Republicans faced some accountability for their incessantly incendiary behavior in the form of a surprise loss of the Kentucky governorship to Democrat Andy Beshear. As the results rolled in, shortly after local media called the race for Beshear, a supporter of the losing incumbent Republican Matt Bevin rushed on stage at Republican headquarters and put on a bizarre performance. Holding up a cellphone to her ear without actually seeming to speak into it or hear anything from it, she pronounced that Bevin had actually won, which was a lie. She was promptly escorted off stage, and initial cheers from the crowd turned into at least some apparent jeers and chants of ‘get her out’.

In the time since the incident, the woman has been identified as an actual Bevin appointee. She’s Alyssa McDowell, a perennial candidate who Bevin recently placed on the Kentucky Consumers’ Advisory Committee. Jogging up to the microphone, she abruptly told the crowd before herself cheering into the microphone and jumping up and down:

‘Hey, we just got word that Matt Bevin has won.’

She should take some better acting classes. Watch:

Within about twenty seconds, someone joined her on stage trying to get her to abandon her cause of pronouncing lies. As she tried to again talk into the microphone, it became clear that it had been cut off, and very quickly, a second additional person joined her on stage to also try and escort her out of the spotlight.


The embarrassment does not end with McDowell, whose past exploits include pronouncing that she was running to be mayor of Covington, Kentucky, to help combat the supposed “homosexual agenda.” Literally the day before Bevin lost, President Donald Trump proclaimed at a Kentucky rally that a Bevin defeat would be disastrous for his own public image.