Biden Shames Trump Over GOP Losses During Post Election Trolling


After Donald Trump jetted into Kentucky on the eve of its governor’s race, candidates’ numbers plummeted. Then, the European Union ambassador indicted the president on “quid pro quo,” also known as “bribery.” How did 2020 presidential candidate and former vice president (VP) Joe Biden respond to Virginia’s win?

The former VP tweeted a presidential-like message with humility. He took it back to the people of Virginia, saying their “clear, powerful message’ would “resonate across the nation:”

‘Tonight, by voting in Democratic majorities in both chambers of the General Assembly, Virginians sent a clear, powerful message that will resonate across this nation and shake the walls of the White House.’

His statement spoke to Virginia’s crushing win. He wrote about Democrats’ “majority in both chambers of the General Assembly.” Then, he added “Virginia sent a clear, powerful message” resonating around the nation. It would “shake the walls of the White House.”

Then, Biden noted that the citizens of Virginia saw right through Republicans’ tactics:

“‘[P]retending they’re moderates, pretending they’re for health care, pretending they’re for sensible gun regulation, pretending they don’t even know who Donald Trump is.

‘[T]ired of Republicans putting their own political agenda ahead of the constituents’ needs…ready for representative who fight for them:’

Twitter world went nuts. Check out some of our favorites below:

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