Entire County Council Flips Blue For 1st Time Since Civil War


Although many have been focused on the high-profile Tuesday night Democratic victories in Kentucky and Virginia, the wins don’t end there! Democrats also scored enough victories to take control of the entire Delaware County, Pennsylvania Council for the first time since the Civil War. The county contains suburbs of Philadelphia and has a population of just over half a million. President Donald Trump won the state by a thin margin in 2016, and this surge of Democratic support suggests that margin is fading away if not already completely evaporated.

Locals even elected their first ever Delaware County District Attorney, Jack Stollsteimer. A local CBS affiliate reports:

‘Democrats are taking control in Delaware County that’s been under Republican control since the Civil War. Democrats declared victory in three races Tuesday night for Delaware County’s five-member council, sweeping Republicans entirely from what had been an all-Republican panel just a couple years ago.’

The outlet notes that suburbs around Philadelphia have “long [been] a bastion of Republican support,” but Trump has torpedoed that political security.

Literally the day before Kentucky’s incumbent Republican gubernatorial candidate Matt Bevin lost his election, Trump pronounced at a rally in the state that a Bevin defeat could be terrible news for Trump’s personal public image. Trump won the state by a winning margin of some 30 percent in 2016, and that base of support for Trump’s agenda is seemingly almost entirely gone. Even Trump personally coming to talk to Kentucky voters couldn’t save the GOP governor — which could be an omen of what’s to come in 2020.