Federal Judge Makes Wednesday Ruling Against Trump To Protect Women


One of Donald Trump’s primary groups of followers has always been the conservative right. Some refer to POTUS as “Jesus” or “the chosen one,” even though many Christians would say to do so is sacrilege. With the impeachment inquiry looming large, it appears the president will do anything to capture and retain their 2020 votes.

The commander-in-chief’s title might be more suited to as “the litigator king.” A New York federal judge struck down one of Trump’s religious rules. That rule made it possible for health care providers to refuse to treat women for services they say “conflict with their religious belief,” according to The Denver Post.

It appeared that Trump has been going around just making up rules that please his tried-and-true followers. District Judge Paul Engelmayer said there were multiple grounds for him to invalidate this last Trump rule. It allows practitioners to object to providing abortions and birth control to women, along with any other service that they felt were in conflict with their moral and religious beliefs.

The administration said that this rule was an important protector of an individual’s religious beliefs. They cited abortion as one of the issues that went against Trump’s proponents’ beliefs.

Engelmayer explained that the president violated the Constitution’s spending clause. It did so by letting the White House cut funds that have already been approved through the congressional process.

Many states, Planned Parenthood, and others joined in a lawsuit suing the Trump administration’s latest rule, which would have been effective November 22, if it had not been denied. The judge continued, saying three of the lawsuit had been consolidated. They included 19 states, Washington D.C., and three local governments.

Trump’s people argued that this rule would let others discriminate “in the name of religious freedom. Attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Alexa Kolbi-Moinas released a statement that read:

‘Today’s decision is an important victory against the Trump Administration’s cruel and unlawful attempts to roll back critical patient protections. Everyone is entitled to their religious beliefs, but religious beliefs do not include a license to discriminate, to deny essential care, or to cause harm to others.’

Roger Severino with the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)  said when the rule was just announced.

‘This rule ensures that healthcare entities and professionals won’t be bullied out of the health care field because they decline to participate in actions that violate their conscience, including the taking of human life.’

This has not been Trump’s first attack on the existing laws. Trump rules have approached a woman’s rights as subject to the state. Those against aborton and birth control have been at the top of their lists. His administration has included:

‘[Denouncing] abortion rights defenders, including limiting federal funding under the Title X family planning program for providers who perform abortions.’

One of the plaintiffs was President of the National Family Planning & Reproductive Health Association. Its president Clare Coleman claimed that said the group was “heartened by today’s ruling.”

“’across the country, and the court heard clear and compelling arguments about the harm communities face when our health care system is distorted to the point in which a patient’s health care needs are not paramount.’

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