Kellyanne Conway Has Post GOP Election Loss On Air Freakout


One of Donald Trump’s longest-serving aides, Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway came out to defend the boss to the reporters outside of the White House. Clearly, things have not been pleasant in the people’s house. She nearly bit this man’s head off.

MSNBC’s reporter Peter Alexander merely asked:

‘What evidence Trump had when he claimed witnesses are ‘Never Trumpers?’

Senior Editor to ShareBlue Oliver Willis tweeted a video of her speaking to Alexander. Conway repeatedly “evades his simple question.” Then, she claimed that there was a conspiracy theory by NBC to “impeach and remove” the president:

‘Kellyanne Conway snaps and fumes at @PeterAlexander for simply asking her what evidence Trump had when he claimed witnesses are “Never Trumpers.” She repeatedly evades his simple question and insists there’s a plot by NBC to impeach and remove Trump. It’s a simple question.’

Twitter world went crazy. Take a look at these favorites below:

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