Melania Trump Publicly Confronted & Embarrassed By Protesters


A question that has always loomed large is how could First Lady Melania Trump possibly bear to live with Donald Trump? After all, he allegedly picks up porn stars for one night stands. Sure, he has a lot of money, but he is tight. So we look for hints in Mrs. Trump’s rare public appearances, such as this one.

Last week at one of the president’s rambling rallies, he posited that some women cry when their husbands were shot, but Melania would not. It was not entirely clear why his wife would take this solo trip, because POTUS’ anti-abortion ruling was just shot down in court.

As the president’s motorcade arrived at Boston Medical Center, protesters lined the building. They held anti-Trump signs and chanted out about their causes. The most predominant signs were against the White House’s stance regarding the president’s anti-immigrant status.

Many of the protesters included Boston Medical Center’s employees. They were concerned this was just a photo-op the Trump bunch intended to take with the medical center serving as the prop opportunity. A full third of the hospital’s patients do not speak English as their first language.

The White House communication director and the president’s press secretary Stephanie Grisholm said, according to CNN:

‘Mrs. Trump enjoyed visiting Boston Medical Center to meet with the center’s leadership and medical staff and learn about the impressive programs available that support and provide care to mothers struggling with drug addiction and babies born with neonatal abstinence syndrome.’

Mrs. Trump and Health and Human Services Secretary (HHS) Alex Azar were traveling together. She wanted to promote her “Be Best” issue regarding children’s health and wellness.

The first lady especially wanted to emphasize “babies born with medical issues like the Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome. It comes from women being addicted to opioids when they were pregnant.

The protesters’ signs included: “Exception Care, No Exceptions,” “We Care for All,” and two especially clever protesters wore white lab coats. On the back, they did a take-off on Melania Trump’s jacket emblazoned with ‘I Don’t Care, Do U?” Only, the protesters’ lab coats read “We Really Care, Do U?”

One protester told WB-TV that they wanted to promote immigration:

‘She’s Melania Trump. She’s married to Donald Trump. He is such a symbol of so much of what we stand against, so much hatred and division.’

Wednesday’s gathering of protesters was the most significant in Trump’s tenure as first lady.

The CEO of Boston Medical Center Kate Walsh knew about the scheduled protest several days out. The employees sent her a letter requesting that she cancel Trump’s visit. In return, she emailed each employee noting she was not changing the visit:

‘[T]he visit will be a unique opportunity to share our values of respect and inclusion with federal leaders whose policies have a significant impact on the vulnerable populations we are dedicated to serving.’

Walsch continued in her email:

‘Two-thirds of our patients have some form of government insurance, and our health plan is the largest participant in the state’s Medicaid accountable care organization, so the opportunity to highlight the innovative work we are doing is critical to ensuring that we are able to continue to deliver on our mission well into the future.’

The first lady said in her speech:

‘I hope today’s visit helps shine a light. It is my hope that what we discuss today will encourage others to replicate similar programs within their own communities. I hope today’s visit helps shine a light. It is my hope that what we discuss today will encourage others to replicate similar programs within their own communities.’

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