Papa John Spotted A Trump Rally & It’s Not Going Over Well (IMAGES)


Citizens have a lot of power. Yes, at the voting booth, but also with their dollars. Imagine what would happen if the country boycotted a fast-food mogul, naturally for good reason, on only one day. This delivery guy was not bringing a pizza. He was bringing his money to Donald Trump.

The Lexington-Herald Staff Lead Photographer Ryan Hermens caught this telling photo of the founder of Papa Johns founder John Schnatter attending Trump’s rally in Lexington, Kentucky on election eve:

The guy has been cited as having nearly one billion dollars. Schnatter does not own Papa John’s any longer. He got into trouble for using the N-word during a training conference call. Papa John’s reached a settlement agreement with the former top guy. He resigned his position as chairman of the board and left the organization.

It would be interesting to see where he puts his dollars now, other than in Trump’s pocket.

Newsweek reported in 2016 that the former chair reminisced about growing up in Indiana where he said that “African-Americans were dragged from the back of trucks until they died:”

‘Colonel Sanders called blacks [n-word].’

Schnatter managed to get Colon Kapernick blackballed for taking a knee in silent protest over police violence against the black community during the football game’s anthem:

‘[Schnatter] accused the NFL’s national anthem protests of slowing down Papa John’s pizza sales. During the conference call, Schnatter brushed off his NFL remarks.’

On his website, Schnatter wrote this letter:

‘As I said in a recent letter, I miss you all very much.  More than words can express!  Papa John’s is our life’s work and we will all get through this together somehow, some way.  I can only imagine how difficult this entire situation is on you, and I’m very sorry you all have to go through this.  Know that in every minute of every day you are all in my thoughts and prayers.’

Twitter world went lit up. Here are some of our favorites:

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