Trump Jr. Names Ukraine ‘Whistleblower’ During Post Election Loss Meltdown


The Trumps are continuing to respond to ongoing investigations into their corrupt behavior by lashing out in absolutely outlandish ways. On Wednesday, Donald Trump Jr. abruptly tweeted out the alleged name of a whistleblower whose complaint helped spark the ongoing impeachment inquiry. That complaint chronicled a Trump scheme to get Ukraine to produce dirt on the Bidens. In the wake of it coming out, President Donald Trump himself and many of his Republican allies have threatened the whistleblower and belligerently demanded that their identity be formally revealed, and Trump Jr. seems to have taken matters into his own hands.

President Trump himself was caught on tape suggesting that the original Ukraine scandal whistleblower should be executed, and now, Trump Jr. is simply freely putting his supposed name out there as if they’re trying to make something happen.

The tweet included a link to a Breitbart story with alleged details of the whistleblower’s professional career. GOP leaders have sounded alarms over them supposedly having worked with now presidential candidate Joe Biden when he was a vice president, but what was a CIA officer (as the whistleblower’s said to be) supposed to do? Ignore the White House?

The whistleblower’s legal team has already “threatened to hold anyone who reveals the name personally liable if the disclosure results in harm to the whistleblower or the person’s family,” so Trump Jr. seems to be seeing what he can get away with.

Check out Twitter’s response…