Junior Attacks Whoopi On Twitter After Disaster On The View


The president’s eldest child spent his morning getting pummeled by the panel of female hosts on The View. In what Junior may have thought would be a phony surface encounter to plug his new book, he came out looking like a complete and utter moron. The entire segment was a clusterf*ck within seconds as Trump Junior devolved into a shouting lunatic, trying to fabricate facts and make up his own reality to defend his dad’s moves.

The segment ended with Whoopi Goldberg delivering the ultimate diss, cutting off the couple and telling them that their performance on the show today was over.

Check out the whole thing below:

Immediately after leaving the ABC studio where The View is filmed, Trump Jr. began tweeting nonsense about Whoopi, who is a former comedian. Whoopi has made many controversial comments in the past, one of which Junior mentioned today. It’s actually what set Whoopi off.

Junior continued that mess on Twitter with the following posts, all of which he tweeted of retweeted after his appearance on The View:


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