Loud Protest Interrupts Thursday Night GOP Meeting At Trump Tower


The president and his merry minions are in a total panic mode over the impeachment proceedings taking place in D.C. right now, and with every star witness that testifies more damning information about the president’s attempt to extort Ukraine for dirt on Joe Biden, they suffer even more. Apparently, these good ole’ boys are so scared of what is to come for Republicans in Washington that they are holding after-hours meetings at Trump Tower.

A group of protesters have shown up to the property and waged a full-on noise assault on the Republicans trying to have a nice, yet likely corrupt, meeting right inside. You can see videos from the protest below:

This is utter insanity, and there’s no way the politicians inside the building are able to concentrate, making this a very effective, albeit annoying way to disrupt their evening. People viewing these videos on Twitter were pretty amused. Check out the best responses below: