Obama Tweets About Dems Sweeping Election – People Go Crazy


President Obama is very proud of Americans for coming out in droves to vote in elections across the country on Tuesday, and he let everyone know just how thankful he was on his Twitter page Wednesday. The seemingly harmless message ignited some serious rhetoric from Republicans who continually claim Obama is a criminal, despite having the cleanest Administration in modern history.

Obama tweeted this:

“Proud of all the Americans who showed up to vote yesterday, electing a set of hopeful, forward-thinking leaders primed to protect Medicaid, draw fair voting maps, and reduce gun violence.”

Obama is responding to the massive takeover that happened Tuesday once all the votes were tallied. Kentucky was finally able to get rid of Matt Bevin, a hated state official backed by Trump.

People on Twitter went crazy immediately. Check out some of the things people were tweeting about Obama and the GOP:

Is that crazy, or what? It’s vastly different from the things people are saying under Obama’s tweet about the election. It’s almost as if these Republicans don’t actually have anything to say directly to Obama. They simply want to ridicule him and try to demean his legacy in any way possible without actually calling him out for anything.

You can see the contrast in comments by looking at the one’s below from Obama’s comment thread: