Trump Spazzes Into Early Morning 3-Word Twitter Scream


The president is seriously worried about the outcome of the impeachment proceedings, and he’s painted his fear all over his Twitter page. As per the usual, the president’s thoughts and feelings on the matter are public record, and constantly repeated, in case anyone forgot. The president is also trying to market a new slogan for the 2020 election it seems, because he’s really stuck on saying ‘read the transcript,’ even though there is no transcript to read.

The president hasn’t released a transcript of the call, he’s released a memo in which he neglected to include pertinent details of the call that make him look guilty.

If only the world worked like that.

The already debunked “transcript” is a hot topic of conversation these days, and Trump even likely paid people to stand behind him at his latest rallies to wear shirts with his new slogan on it.

According to Salon:

Current and former federal officials say that “odd markings” and the suspicious use of ellipses suggests that the partial White House transcript of President Trump’s July 25 Ukraine call may have been edited before it was released, The Washington Post reports.

Trump has repeatedly lied about the rough transcript, which is a “memorandum of a telephone conversation” based on notes taken by administration staff.

The president has been on his normal Twitter streak of mayhem Thursday morning. Then he threw in this gem, all by its lonesome.

We’d love to, but you won’t release it!

This is the other stuff the president has tweeted this morning:

Oh, and look, just six minutes ago, he tweeted this:

What the hell is wrong with this man? Why does he think he is smarter than everyone else when all signs point to the fact that he’s just not? Does he really think that being rich when you inherited wealth is an achievement? What a sad, pathetic existence. No wonder he has to pay immigrants to marry him.

People on Twitter were making just as much fun of Trump as we are now, so we saved all the best reactions he got to his tweet for you below: