Trump Wails On Twitter After Being Fined $2 Million Thursday


Mr. Trump is on a quest to do anything possible to make himself look the slightest bit favorable these days, especially with the 2020 election approaching. However, the more desperate he becomes, the more pathetic he looks.

Trump was ordered to pay $2 million to settle a suit claiming the Trump Foundation misued funds to benefit the president’s campaign. According to CNBC:

‘Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Saliann Scarpulla ruled that more than $2.8 million raised by the Trump Foundation had been “used for Mr. Trump’s political campaign and disbursed by Mr. Trump’s campaign staff, rather than by the Foundation” itself.’

Trump flew on Twitter Thursday evening in an attempt to twist the mess in his favor.

Trump said:

‘I am the only person I know, perhaps the only person in history, who can give major money to charity ($19M), charge no expense, and be attacked by the political hacks in New York State. No wonder why we are all leaving!’

Trying to look genuine, he concluded his long rant with:

‘We resolved the case with the understanding that all money previously in the foundation has gone to charity. I am therefore happy to donate $2 million to the following worthy charities: Army Emergency Relief; Children’s Aid Society; City Meals on Wheels; Give An Hour; Martha’s Table, United Negro College Fund; United Way of Capital Area; and the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.’

Here’s how the Twitter world responded:

Featured image is a screenshot from YouTube