Watch Junior’s Terrified Face When Whoopi Flips Out On Him


Thursday morning Donald Trump Jr. went on The View for their 5000th show celebration and quickly realized he was not going to be winning the debate with the very strong panel of women who were very prepared to rip him apart, which is exactly what happened this morning.

Immediately as the interview began, Trump Jr. glassy-eyed and shouting for no apparent reason, was hit with the sudden reality that this was not going to be fun, and boy was he finally right about something.

Check out the hideous display below:

Repeatedly, Whoopi had to shut down the conversation because Junior was screaming over everyone, and she finally had to scream back at him just to be heard above his booming squawk.

Whoopi finally said to Junior after repeated jabs at the Bidens:

“You know what, here’s the thing. It would be easier to have this conversation if we could do it without the jokes, because the jokes are making it hard to hear anybody’s points.”

Junior’s girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle sat there grinning like an idiot, occasionally chiming in with a phony air of zen that could literally just make you gag. When Guilfoyle realized that her ridiculous banter wasn’t working on Whoopi, she tried relating to the screen/stage icon. Guilfoyle said this to Whoopi:

“I grew up in the Mission District, where (Goldberg) filmed ‘Sister Act,’ one of my parishes there. I’ve known the president 13 years, I know Don Jr. I’m proud Latina, I know the measure of the man, I know his character — the entire family. I stand for them because I do believe their commitment. Women are doing better under President Trump, Hispanics, African-Americans — that’s not fake news, it’s real.”

That’s when Whoopi was totally done. She got snippy with the couple and told them that the show they’ve been putting on during the interview is finally over. The show immediately cut to commercial break as Guilfoyle looked at Meghan McCain mouth agape.

Whoopi said:

“I will just say this because, it is the end of the show.”

Abby Huntsman, totally confused, said:

“I don’t think it is, Whoop.”

To which Whoopi replied, pointing at Trump and Guilfoyle:

“It’s the end of this show.”


Trump Jr. was left looking dumbfounded.