Trump Reveals Ukraine Surprise In Weird Friday AM Interview


During a White House lawn interview Friday, the president announced that he would release a second “transcript” of another Ukraine call after a witness testified that the memo that the White House passed off as a verbatim transcript was edited to exclude key terms and phrases that could be seen as damaging to the president.

This comes just after a failed attempt by Trump to start a new “read the transcript” catchphrase, which he will undoubtedly beat into the ground like a dead horse.

Trump explained that, if it will help to get people to stop talking about Ukraine, he can release another fake transcript that makes him look even better.

Well, that’s what he may as well have said..

Trump actually said when asked what he would say to people who think the “transcript” makes him look bad:

“I had a second call with the president which actually, I believe, came before this one, and now they all want that one. And if they want it, I’ll give it to them. I haven’t seen it recently, but I’ll give it to them.”

Trump continued:

“The call was perfect. Now they’re after — I have a second call [that] nobody knew about, and I guess they want that call to be produced also. I understand they’d like it, and I have no problem giving it to them.”

See the weird word-salad below:

Another video below comes with subtitles:

The responses Brian Karem got on his tweet says everything you need to know about the public’s feelings towards the president. We saved all the best reactions for you below: