John McCain’s Family Issues Blistering Public Rebuke Of Trump’s GOP


Tonight, an interview with Cindy McCain, wife of the late Senator John McCain, aired on CNN. During the interview, she and David Axelrod discussed many things, including the feelings that the McCain family has for Trump.

According to CNN:

‘In the last years of his life, John McCain had been outspoken against President Donald Trump, mainly on foreign policy. In turn, Trump attacked the Arizona Republican, questioning whether he was a war hero and criticizing him even after his passing.

‘When McCain died in 2018, his family decided not to invite Trump to the funeral, but asked former Presidents George W. Bush, McCain’s former rival in the 2000 GOP presidential primary, and Barack Obama, who faced off against McCain in the 2008 presidential election, to deliver eulogies for him.’

Cindy McCain told Axelrod that inviting Trump would have been “very disruptive” to her children.

‘I had to worry about my family, and the family was somewhat bitter about things that had been said about their dad.

‘I just didn’t want any disruption. I didn’t want anything to overshadow John McCain that day because that’s why we were there.’

Mrs. McCain also said that if her husband were alive today, he’d be “terribly upset” with recent events that have transpired and the fact that the Republicans, for whatever reason, won’t speak out about it.

‘I think he’d be disgusted with some of the stuff that’s going on.’

She then said that her husband would be “railing against” everything that’s happening right now.


In sharp contrast to what she said about Trump and her husband’s political party, during the interview, Mrs. McCain had some very kind words to say about former VP and now Presidential Candidate Joe Biden:

‘I think he’s a lovely man. I mean, I really do. I differ with him on his politics all too often, but that’s OK. Our friendship goes way beyond that. I mean, Joe Biden has kept this family together in many ways.’

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