Rabid Trump Supporter Hacks Up Baby Trump Balloon With Knife


The LSU-Alabama game didn’t go as expected for some people, like the protesters outside the stadium who’d been staked out all day to troll the president. As per the usual, intolerant Trump supporters couldn’t handle people exercising their right to free speech because the speech wasn’t in line with their own bigoted views.

Near the end of the game, a disgruntled Trump lover apparently stabbed a baby Trump balloon, which has become a staple for anti-Trump demonstrations across the country.

According to an Associated Press report:

Jim Girvan, the organizer of a group that “adopts” out the Trump balloons for protests, said a man charged the balloon with a knife and cut an 8-foot-long (2.4-meter-long) gash in the back. Girvan said the unidentified man was taken into custody. Tuscaloosa police did not immediately respond to a request for more details.

Check out the deflated balloon below:

The perpetrator of this heinous and violent act has already been exposed on Twitter, and apparently, he had planned to do this, and even made a video diary manifesto of his plans.

Don’t these people have jobs and lives?

Here are videos of the assailant getting arrested:

Check out his manifestos below:

People on Twitter are going nuts over this. The outrage is to be expected when someone brings a dangerous weapon to a crowded event with the intent to commit a politically-motivated violent act. Republicans, of course, are shrugging off the incident as something funny, even a comedic stunt.

Do these people even live on the same planet?

Check out what people online are saying about it: