Alabama Football Star Humiliates Trump After Phony Game Appearance


In case you missed it, on Saturday, our so-called “president” showed up for the University of Alabama football game against LSU. Before showing up for the game, Trump made it very clear that he would NOT tolerate any “booing,” like he received at the World Series and a recent UFC match that he attended. Feeling the pressure, Alabama’s Student Government even threatened to take away season tickets from those who caused a raucous, which can be translated to “you’re not allowed to protest Trump at the game.”

Upon his arrival to Bryant-Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa, Trump received a warm welcome, but sadly his presence there seemed to spark a series of unfortunate events, if you believe that he brings bad luck with him wherever he goes — I personally choose to believe that. Evidently former Heisman Trophy winner from Alabama and now Baltimore Ravens running back, Mark Ingraham feels the same way I do after Alabama’s loss to LSU! Check out what he tweeted after the game:

And he and I are not alone in our feelings! Check out these responses:

Featured image via screenshot.