Donald Trump Jr. Gets Thrashed By Pissed-Off Iraq Veteran


Don Jr. is, quite possibly, one of the slimiest weasels to ever walk the face of the earth, next to his father, of course. He says and does things that would make a real man cringe at the very thought of muttering, and he says it with a braggadocios smile painted over his cheap veneers. No matter what he’s saying, it’s offensive to someone somewhere because Junior simply has no insight into the reality that every day Americans face.

Especially members of the military.

Junior and his dad like to compare themselves to people who have served all the time. Trump has bragged that he would have made a great general (if not for those pesky bone spurs) and Junior just got lit up on the internet for comparing the sacrifice the Trumps have supposedly made to become the first family to the literal sacrifice of life that is made by service members like Executive Director of the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) Paul Rieckhoff.

Rieckoff said this about Junior on Veterans Day:

“Don Jr. is of age. If he wants to understand what sacrifice is about, join the military. Folks like Sean Spicer and others have done it. Reince Priebus just joined the military. There are plenty of ways to serve your country. But you have to understand what the military community is all about. Comparing that to dead people at Arlington is ridiculous.”

“Unfortunately it has a tone that’s permeated this time and time again. Just last week, the president is going to be at the — his foundation is going to be fined $2 million for diverting funds raised for veterans that were put into politics. This is the charade they did in Iowa where he was going to boycott the Fox debate and raise money for veterans. Looks like the money didn’t go to veterans. It went to politics. Time and time again, there’s this politicization. I’ve brought it up on shows for three years. It’s about the core of democracy, and veterans and military folks should be off limits when it comes to politics.”

Check out the video from that segment below from CNN:

People immediately went crazy on Twitter after seeing the CNN segment. Check out some of the past reactions Rieckhoff garnered on Twitter: