Trump Approval Rating Among Women Tanks With Historic Thud


President Donald Trump has a lot of ground to make up if he wants to get anywhere close to winning re-election in 2020. His fluke 2016 victory isn’t going to save him now. According to a new Hill/Harris X poll, his approval among women is the lowest that it’s been in more than a year. At present, according to the data, a measly 37 percent of women say that they approve of the job Trump is doing in office, while a full 63 percent actively disapprove. Who could blame them? Just watch Trump’s public statements and you’ll see where his concern really rests: himself.

In the Hill/Harris X calculation, Trump’s approval among women hit a high point in April of this year, when 47 percent of women said they approved of the job he was doing in office. The rate has hit a previous low of 38 percent multiple times, including September 2018 along with May and July of this year.

The low numbers match up roughly with the approval rating Trump has managed in the population overall. In the latest Hill/Harris X data, that rate sits at 47 percent. FiveThirtyEight currently has the average overall approval rating for the president at 41.4 percent, with 54.3 percent actively disapproving of the job Trump is doing, on average. The most recent poll with his approval rating in the 30s was issued in late October, when YouGov came out with numbers showing only 39 percent of respondents overall approved of the job Trump was doing. Shortly before that, IBD/TIPP found the same rate.

The numbers all match up roughly with polls measuring support in possible 2020 general election match-ups. On average, former Vice President and leading Democratic presidential primary candidate Joe Biden is currently garnering an average of about 52.1 percent of the support compared to Trump’s just 41.9 percent, and other Democratic candidates manage similarly leading numbers. Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has an average 7.3 percent lead, and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders leads Trump by an average of 7.9 percent. Those three candidates constitute the current leaders in the Democratic presidential primary field.

Lately, Trump has attempted to manage enough of a feat of pandering to grow his so far utterly meager portion of black Americans’ votes.

As CBS News reports of a recent speech he gave in Atlanta:

‘In his address, the president claimed African-Americans are coming back to the Republican Party in “record numbers,” although the president gave no basis for that claim. Only 8% of black voters picked Mr. Trump in 2016, and his support among black voters was just 10% in a recent Quinnipiac poll.’

Only garnering one out of ten black Americans and barely one out of three women isn’t exactly a recipe for success heading into 2020.

Trump remains obsessed with lashing out in response to House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry. Just this Monday evening, he shouted on Twitter:

‘Schiff is giving Republicans NO WITNESSES, NO LAWYER & NO DUE PROCESS! It is a totally one sided Witch Hunt. This can’t be making the Democrats look good. Such a farce!’

That Twitter trolling is where his priorities lie — not with supporting the ambitions of the American people.

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