Trump Tweets 3-Words For Veterans Day – Patriots Get Fed Up


A journalist that Donald Trump threatened asked a staffer if he cared if she got hurt. The staffer said “no.” The reporter was stunned. The president is not like regular people. He truly cannot feel empathy for reporters, for his perceived enemies, and even for members of the military. Here is what he said on Veterans Day.

There are the members of the military who come home in coffins. Then, there are the veterans whose suicide rates have been on the rise. Add to that those military people he puts at risk by erratically moving them about, much like a child’s toy soldiers.

Trump installed three of his Mar-a-Lago club members in a shadow leadership of the VA. They worked directly in opposition to the actual head of the VA and the career government employees.

A new generation of those elected to Congress has come from the ranks of the veterans. Only they truly understand what POTUS has been doing to the military. They see him attacking an active Naval officer in uniform, a man who earned a purple heart as he testified before the impeachment hearings. He was testifying about the president’s personal gains at the expense of Ukraine’s new president in his war against the Russians.

So what did Donald Trump, the president of these United States say to the military, active and veterans on the Veterans’ Day? Nothing. There was simply this pre-prepared tweet quoting Bill White NYC., former president of the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum and Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund:

Belatedly, POTUS tweeted this message, as if it was a giant birthday celebration instead of a solemn remembrance:


Twitter world went wild. Take a look at some of our favorites:

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