Trump’s NYC Veterans Day Speech Interrupted By Mass Protests


The president has had a really bad week ever since the World Series, where he was met with unexpected boos and chants of “lock him up” from the crowd. Since then, Trump Jr. was also met with boos and chants at a book signing yesterday at UCLA. Now, the Trumps are getting booed again; this time at a Veterans Day event in NYC, where Trump was speaking.

This one is even worse because NYC is Trump’s hometown, but ever since he won the 2016 election, the big apple has become a site of contention for the president.

The president appeared Monday before a crowd in NYC to give a Veterans Day Speech he was hoping to record and post a video of, but now his team has some serious editing to do because watch what was happening as Trump spoke:

Chants of “impeach and remove” could be heard coming from the crowd before the president even began to speak.

People are furious over the obvious quid pro quo Trump committed when he tried to extort Ukraine for dirt on his 2020 political opponent, Joe Biden, and it shows:

People responding to Maggie Haberman’s tweet were thrilled that NYC stuck it to the president, who will likely have to relocate to another state after leaving the White House.

Check out the best reactions below: