President Jimmy Carter Hospitalized For Brain Surgery


If people want to see an American hero, they need not look any further than the 39th president of these United States, President Jimmy Carter. The 95-year-old and his wife former First Lady Rosalind Carter are still out there hammering and sawing on houses for the Carter’s Work Project which is linked to Homes for Habitat. There is an update on the president’s health.

President Carter has always been an outspoken leader, speaking truth to corruption. He once suggested that Donald Trump was an “illegitimate president” due to the Russians’ interference in the 2016 presidential elections.

President Carter underwent surgery on Tuesday, because blood had built up on his brain, due to his most recent falls, according to a spokesperson from the Carter Center in Atlanta, Georgia. He has been quietly recovering in an Atlanta hospital. According to NPR, the spokesperson said:

‘There are no complications from the surgery [and will remain for observation] for as long as advisable.’

The president has traveled the world advising foreign leaders, promoting peace, and ensuring legal elections in third world countries. He entered the Emory University Hospital in Atlanta Monday evening. Mrs. Carter went with him to stay during the procedure.

This year, the president has fallen three times this year. He sustained a “minor pelvic fracture” caused by a fall in his Plains home in southwest Georgia on October 21. He fell again in early October and went to do his carpentry work the next day, black eye and all. Back in May, Carter broke his hip as he was getting ready to go turkey hunting. That resulted in a hip replacement.

It appeared that the bleeding on the president’s brain was a slow-bleed that started after one of his last two falls.


The fact that doctors waited overnight prior to surgery indicated that the bleeding in Carter’s brain was slow. It probably began after one of his last falls.

The Carter Center spokesperson indicated that the term for the president’s injury was a subdural hematoma. That was one of the most common types of these injuries he could have had, and it typically occurs after a fall.

As people age, even a small blow to the head can cause the veins along the dura mater to rupture. This referred to the “tough membrane that lies between the skull and brain.”

As the blood collects, it clots, which can create pressure on the patient’s brain. The symptoms of this type of injury range from “headaches to memory problems to seizures, and paralysis.”

During the procedures, the surgeon will drill a small hole in the skull and “insert a tube to remove the blood.” When the blood collects into large clots, surgeons often remove a section of the skull so that they can directly reach the hematoma. The Emory University Hospital has not released any details about Carter’s surgery, but from all appearances, the operation was performed Tuesday morning.

Even though Carter has sustained the two recent falls, he continued to maintain a brisk schedule. He has continued his public appearances, helps build houses, and teaches a regular Sunday School class at his hometown church, the Maranatha Baptist Church.

President Carter has been made of tough stuff. He survived melanoma cancer that had already spread to his brain and his liver. It was diagnosed in 2015.

The Carters are the longest-married presidential couple, and he is the longest-lived president in America.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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