Trump Goes On Late-Night Twitter Tangent Over Impeachment


The president knows he’s in big trouble, and his exaggerated Twitter protests are the perfect example of a man on the verge of a mental breakdown. And that’s exactly what Trump’s headed for too. He will claim mental instability once he realizes there’s no wriggling or paying his way out of this legal catastrophe.

The president is currently tweeting madness that could one day be used in court. Check it out below:

Trump just bragged about Dobbs’ obsession with him at a recent rally:

I was watching the other night the great Lou Dobbs, and he said when Trump took over, President Trump, he used to say, “Trump is a great president.” Then he said “Trump is the greatest president since Ronald Reagan.”

Then he said — then he said, “No, no, Trump is an even better president than Ronald Reagan.”

And now, he’s got me down as the greatest president in the history of our country, including George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

Delusional much?

Trump can’t decide if he loves Fox News or hates Fox News, but he certainly loves Lou Dobbs, a should-be-retired goblin who literally makes the world a lesser place. People reading this goofiness couldn’t resist trolling the president. Check out the best reactions to his tweets below: