Trump Loses Scotland Legal Battle – Forced To Pay Big Time


This has been a bad past few days for Donald Trump. Of course, he will probably be impeached and might even be kicked out of office. Then, he lost his lawsuit to keep his New York state tax returns secret. Then, there is the Scotts war with him.

The president of these United States built a rambling golf course on the craggy shores of Scotland, his mother’s country of birth. For a while, he had a sweet deal directing the U.S. military to refuel at a struggling airport, which was vital to the life of his resort.

Then, POTUS had the military bypass cheaper lodgings on their way to Trump International Golf Club Scotland Limited. Granted, the military got a cheaper rate, but even filling the rooms was profitable to the resort. That rate was at the very top of the military’s per diem, so service members had to pay for food out of their own pockets.

The current problem has been that the Trump Organization tried unsuccessfully to block a wind farm near the Aberdeenshire, Scotland golf course. Now, not only does he have a wind farm view of the coast, he has been ordered by the Scottish Government to pay it £225,000 or $289,100 to cover its legal fees.

During his three-year-long battle with the Scots, Trump even appeared before the Scottish Parliament and the United Kingdom’s highest court. Finally after four years, the Trump organization and the Scottish Government came to terms.

A Scottish Government spokesperson said, according to The Scotsman:

‘We can confirm that settlement has now been reached – and this has removed the need for the expenses to be determined by the auditor of the Court of Session. Expenses amounting to £225,000 will now be paid to Scottish ministers by the petitioners.’

When Trump appeared in court he responded to the MSPs request for “clinical evidence” as opposed to opinions, he answered:

‘First of all, I am the evidence. You know what? I think that I am a lot more of an expert than the people who you would like me to hire, who are doing it to make a paycheck. I am considered a world-class expert in tourism.’

Trump has made clear his disdain for wind farms in the U.S., but particularly when they impacted his resort’s view. Early in the trial, he said:

‘We will spend whatever monies are necessary to see to it that these huge and unsightly industrial wind turbines are never constructed.’

In an op-ed, he wrote:

‘I am going to fight him for as long as it takes – to hell if I have to – and spend as much as it takes to block this useless and grotesque blot on our heritage. By exposing the fallacy and dan­ger of wind turbines, I will be hon­ouring Mary MacLeod’s [Trump, his mother] memory in an even more important way than building the greatest golf course anywhere in the world.’

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