Trump Tweets Belligerent Video During Impeachment Hearings


This Wednesday, House impeachment investigators kickstarted their first public hearings with an appearance by top Ukraine diplomat Bill Taylor, who’d already testified privately. As that widely watched event proceeded, President Donald Trump tweeted an absolutely outlandishly over the top video message prepared by his campaign staff that flies well past trying to engage on the substance of the issues and depicts Democrats as scary socialists out to destroy the very foundation of “America.” That’s not an exaggeration — that’s what it says, and that kind of apocalyptic fearmongering is the best response the Trump team can come up with to duly demonstrable evidence.

In lines of text appearing one after the other in the video, viewers get the claim:

‘Democrats are putting politics before country, ideology before people, destroying American values. Only one man can stop this chaos.’

And guess who it is! Trump, of course. They are again diving headfirst into explicit, brazen personality cult territory. As the video closes, an audio clip comes in of Trump saying:

‘Together, we will make America wealthy again. We will make America strong again. We will make America proud again. And we will make America great again.’

Check it out. It includes a message for viewers to text “TRUMP” to a certain code, at which time they’ll no doubt be asked for donations.

That’s not where the video ends. Among many other clips pulled from coverage of the supposed outlandish behavior of the Democrats advocating for “radical” policies like expanding opportunities for health coverage, the video features a Fox News host insisting:

‘All the 2020 frontrunners have embraced radical ideas.’

Apparently, we’re supposed to believe that ideas like putting up a wall to block off the entire country of Mexico and paying for it with billions of dollars of taxpayer funds after claiming Mexico would foot the bill aren’t radical. Impeachment investigators revealing the truth of Trump’s plot to get dirt on the Bidens from Ukraine are still coming for Trump, no matter what desperate things he posts!

Check out Twitter’s response below…