RNC Announces Winter Meetings At Trump Resort


Back in October, Trump announced that he wanted to host the next G7 Summit at his own golf resort in Doral, Florida. This idea received wide criticism and he later retracted his plan.

Now, the Republican National Committee has announced that it will host winter meetings at Trump’s Doral resort. which will take place in January. The RNC has signed the contract for the venue in March.

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Most past RNC meetings have not taken place at Trump properties although the RNC did hold their summer event at Doral.

According to The Seattle Times:

‘The RNC winter meetings will be the second time in two years for Republicans to hold a major meeting at the resort. According to The Washington Post, a GOP event in Doral last year produced about $630,000 in revenue for Trump’s company.’

RNC spokesman Michael Ahrens said in a statement:

‘The media is obsessed with our spending at Trump properties and has covered it ad nauseam. As we have stated multiple times, we continue to hold events at them because they have fantastic service and secure spaces that fit our needs.’

Trump has been accused by outside groups of using the presidency to enrich his family’s brand. The Washington Post reported that the Doral has struggled to keep revenues up since Trump launched his presidential campaign.

The announcement is not a surprise as it is well-known by now that Trump has used government funds in attempts to benefit his own businesses, and has also been sued under the Emoluments Clause for doing so.

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