Trump Goes Off On Weird Thursday Twitter Tangent, Attacks Pelosi


Donald Trump apparently does not know that although Walmart has been the largest employer in the United States, it pays its employees subsistence wages. Of course, Walmart is doing well. Its owners are among the top wealthiest people in America. After a moment on that, the president was off and running about the impeachment hearings.

The commander-in-chief attacked his appointed outstanding Federal Chairman Jerome Powell. Trump has always believed he knew more than the chairman:

‘Walmart announces great numbers. No impact from Tariffs (which are contributing $Billions to our Treasury). Inflation low (do you hear that Powell?)!’

The president took a break-neck sharp turn into the impeachment hearings held by the House Intelligence Committee chair and point man Adam Schiff (D-CA). POTUS lied:

“Neither one of the Democrat star witnesses at the Impeachment hearings could point out an impeachable offense. That’s the result!” @Varneyco @FoxBusiness’

Then, the man in the Oval Office quoted another message telling “regular people” what they should think:

“That hearing was about a policy dispute.” Robert Ray. “Regular people watching this cannot conclude that the President of the United States can be impeached.”

After that, the president attacked the remarkable House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA):

‘.@DanHenninger WSJ: Nancy Pelosi had it right the first time when she did not want to go down the Impeachment path. Make it a voting issue. But no, the Left insisted on raising this to the gravity of a constitutional crisis & Impeachment. The hearings suggested it’s not going…’

Next, he insulted “the average American.” He said they “can’t identify anything:”

‘….anywhere, so we’ve now had 3 years of the Democrats chasing Donald Trump. Nancy Pelosi’s worried about the American voter looking for someone to blame for that eventually. Look at her own story in the House. What have they done? The average American can’t identify anything…’

Trump has believed Pelosi had nothing better to do than “chase Donald Trump.” In his dreams:

‘….that the House Democrats have done since she’s become Speaker, other than chase Donald Trump.” This Impeachment Hoax is such a bad precedent and sooo bad for our Country!’

This 45th president has always been a predator. He keeps trying to sniff out the whistleblower whose heroic complaint kicked off the impeachment inquiry. Other witnesses have already provided testimony to the Intelligence Committee that reach further. Still, Trump wanted to get the original whistleblower:

‘Where’s the Fake Whistleblower?’

Twitter world went crazy. Check out these favorites below:

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