Trump Goes On Pre-Dawn Conspiracy-Laden Twitter Spree


The people’s case against Donald Trump is simple. POTUS held Ukraine’s military aid against Russia until its president would help him cheat in the 2020 election. People died on the front. It is wrong. It is unethical. It may be criminal, and it is absolutely worthy of impeachment. So what is Trump’s next move?

The commander-in-chief has always told the people what was next for him in his unveiled morning tweets. He went on the attack against the “star” witnesses. Probably a poor choice. Acting ambassador to Ukraine William B. Taylor Jr. graduated fifth from a West Point class of 800. He could have served anywhere, but he chose to go into the infantry and saw action in Vietnam.

Trump kicked at his heels:

.@RepRatcliffeasked the two “star” witnesses, “where is the impeachable event in that call?” Both stared straight ahead with a blank look on their face, remained silent, & were unable to answer the question. That would be the end of a case run by normal people! – but not Shifty!’

Since Vietnam, Ambassador Taylor went into public service for the Americans for a total of 50 years. His humble yet confident testimony stood strong again the likes of the rat terrier-approach of Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH).

Deputy Assistant Secretary of State George Kent has had a sterling public service record for decades, too. He could not be shaken from his Just The Facts, Ma’am.

Then, Trump went back to the Stock Market:

‘Hit New Stock Market record again yesterday, the 20th time this year, with GREAT potential for the future. USA is where the action is. Companies and jobs are coming back like never before!’

Twitter world took off. Take a look at some of our favorites below:

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