Fox Host Mocks Trump’s Witness Intimidation With Precision


On Friday, former Ukraine Ambassador, Marie Yovanovitch, testified in the second public impeachment hearing. During her testimony, in an obvious attempt to intimidate her, Trump took to Twitter with this pointed statement:

Clearly our so-called “president” is scared, and he’s got good reason to be. Even his friends at Fox News have started turning on him!

Today, on his latest edition of Your World, Fox’s Neil Cavuto asked WH Correspondent, John Roberts, what he thought the consequences of Trump’s intimidation tweet during Yovanovitch’s testimony would be. Roberts replied, “I don’t know how much political damage that tweet is going to do, Neil, but certainly I think there was a lot of damage here at the White House to a collective group of foreheads as people went like this…” Roberts said while imitating a person smacking their forehead in frustration. “…as the President tweeted that outright in the middle of the hearing.”

‘If anything, what it did was it really took the Republicans off of the message that they were trying to put out there, and took this hearing in an entirely different direction than it had been before.’

You can watch the full interview below:

Trump does indeed have the right to hire and fire ambassadors as “it please the ‘president,'” but Adam Schiff also made a good point in his remarks when he stated:

‘Hmm, maybe we should consider an article of impeachment here on witness intimidation.’

Hmm. Maybe they should!

Featured image via screenshot.