Impeachment Hearing Bursts Into Laughter At Republicans


The second LIVE impeachment hearing is happening Friday in D.C., and the president is not taking this one well at all. The entire morning has been filled with, not only incriminating testimony, but with ridiculous Twitter assaults by the president. Trump was called out during the LIVE proceedings for ‘witness intimidation in real time’ and Republicans have been trying to gain control of the hearing since the moment it began.

While the morning was filled with pretty historic soundbites and clips, one in particular is really getting traction on the internet. Check out the uproar of laughter when Rep. Mike Quigley (D-IL) had his turn with Marie Yovanovitch:

Quigley: Thank you. Madam Ambassador, it’s like a hallmark movie. You ended up at Georgetown, this is all okay. [ Laughter ] It wasn’t your preference seven, eight months ago, correct?

Yovanovitch: No, it was not.

Quigley: It wasn’t your preference to be the victim of a cemetery campaign, was it?

Quigley continued:

Yovanovitch: No.

Quigley: It wasn’t your preference to be defamed by the president of the United States including today, was it?

Yovanovitch: No.

Quigley: It wasn’t your preference to be ousted at seemingly the pinnacle of your career, was it?

Yovanovitch: No.

Watch the video below:

The conversation continued:

Quigley: You wanted to finish your extended tour, correct?

Yovanovitch: I did.

Quigley: What did you want to do after that? Did you know?

Yovanovitch: I wasn’t sure.

Quigley: There’s nothing wrong with Georgetown. It’s a fine place, right?

Yovanovitch: It’s a wonderful place.

Quigley: But it’s your own choice at the end of the distinguished career after all that. It’s not the end of a hallmark movie. It’s the end of a really bad reality TV show brought to you by someone who knows a lot about that.

People responding on Twitter gave mixed reviews. Check out the best reaction to the tweet below: