Jim Jordan Gets Embarrassed By Yovanovitch After Grandstanding


Friday morning’s impeachment proceedings have been one major headline after another. From republicans getting laughed at, to the president being called out for live-tweeting attacks on today’s witness, Marie Yovanovitch, as her testimony was taking place, to the GOP trying to interrupt at every turn, the proceedings have turned into a reality tv show, just like the masses wanted.

Now, adding one more clip of absolute hilarity from the impeachment proceedings, check out Jim Jordan being made a fool of by Yovanovitch after a long spiel for camera time. This is what happened.

Jordan said to Yovanovitch:

“One of the things we’ve heard so much over the last six weeks in depositions, and frankly in the hearing on Wednesday, is how important bipartisan support is for Ukraine. Democrats and Republicans agree they want to help Ukraine, in fact, [Ambassador Bill Taylor] said, ‘Ukraine’s most strategic asset is this bipartisan support…’”

Jordan continued a barrage of mindless nonsense, relived some past testimony, and basically talked himself in circles until everyone, including Yovanovitch was confused as as to what his point was.

Yovanovitch replied:

“I’m sorry — is there a question in there?”

Watch the uncomfortable exchange below during Jim Jordan’s questioning of Marie Yovanovitch at around minute five of the video:

People on Twitter are going nuts over this. You can see just how crazy the talk is on Twitter by viewing the tweets we found below: